Sebastian Stamm

is a passionate Software Engineer, Tech Speaker, Author, and Artist who loves building both complex software systems as well as quick tech prototypes. I believe in the power of the web as a platform to deliver amazing user experiences.

Sitting on a table answering client requests
Hard at Work implementing awesome features. Blue screens are for aesthetic purposes only and not indicative of my abilities :)

What I Work With

If it runs in a browser or a browser can interact with it, I'll use it!

⚡ Developing highly interactive applications for the modern web

⚡ From small vanilla Javascript demos to highly complex solutions integrating multiple toolchains

⚡ Integration with third party services such as git hosts and cloud infrastructures


In my experiments and projects I often discover cool and unusual things. These articles show what the modern web is capable of.

This Image Is Also a Valid Javascript File

Images are usually stored as binary files, while a Javascript file is basically just text. I wondered: Can I create an image file that has valid Javascript syntax, so it is also executable?

Screen Recording in 10 lines of Vanilla JS

Let’s have a look at how we can capture and record your users screen. Not just your page, but also other tabs of the users browser, the desktop and even other applications. And we will do that without browser plugins or huge libraries. Instead, we just need 10 lines of Vanilla Javascript.

This blog post is written entirely in the <head>

If you open the dev tools on the page of this article, you will see that the body tag is completely empty. Still there is text on the page. How can this be?


I love to be on stage and share my knowledge in an understandable, memorable and fun way.

Camunda Plugin Store
Live Demo at CamundaCon 2019
Camunda Night Mode
Live Demo at CamundaCon 2018
Live Demo at BPMCon 2016


Have a question, want to discuss a project, or just want to say hi? Write me an Email!

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